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2022-07-15 09:34:07 By : Ms. Jessie Wang

Cleaning your kitchen floors can be a tedious task. But with the help of a powerful vacuum or absorbent mop, this less-than-glamorous household chore is more efficient (and, dare we say, fun). And right now, top brands like Hoover, Black + Decker, and Shark are up to 70% off at Amazon. What once took heavy elbow grease and too much time can now be accomplished with ease and big savings leftover in your pocket when you take advantage of early Prime Day discounts.

It's easy to spend too much on a vacuum or mop and not really know how it's going to perform; prices can range from $50 to $1,000. Not sure which cleaning tool is best for you? We broke down the basics and found the best sales on mops and vacuums you can shop right now. 

If you think all mops are the same, you likely need a new one because this necessary cleaning tool comes in many different guises. Some are meant for dry mopping, others have self-wringing designs or use steam to clean. They're constantly being redesigned for efficiency, with most modern mops featuring microfiber cloths that grip onto dirt to help you quickly get the job done. 

Meanwhile, a good vacuum is quiet and tucks itself seamlessly out of sight — in your closet, behind the stairs, or wherever you choose to store your cleaning supplies. You want a high-quality, long-lasting machine that leaves your carpet, rugs, and even hardwood floors spotless. Also great? One that's on sale for a good price.  

To help you make sense of the many models available and get the biggest savings on a quality vacuum or mop, we found the best early Prime Day deals on brands like Hoover, O-Cedar, and Shark for you. Read more about them below.

A flat mop is best if you have a lot of floor space to clean at once. This Bosheng Mop features microfiber mop pads and a 360-degree rotatable head that helps you reach into any corner with ease. It comes with a bucket that is conveniently designed with a cleaning side and a drying side that controls the moisture level of your mop with ease. All of the pieces are compact enough to fit seamlessly into the bucket for easy transportation and storage. 

It may be pricey, but over 2,300 five-star ratings confirm that this cordless spray mop is worth it. This electric mop with a built-in water tank allows you to control how much water, cleaning solution, or even wax oil you spray. It weighs less than 3 pounds and the ergonomic handle allows you to move around seamlessly. Flexible enough to reach underneath furniture, it also boasts four microfiber pads that spin as you mop for a seriously effective clean.

A quality sponge mop, like this one by Yocada is ideal for cleaning tile and concrete flooring in your kitchen or bathroom. The honeycomb sponge design is more absorbent and easier to dry than traditional strings, while the adjustable pole can stretch up to 52 inches. Flip it over as you mop to use the scrubber and squeegee features for a deeper clean. These unique add-ons allow you to lift heavy grime off floors without using a lot of elbow grease.

String mops are the oldest, and most well known mop models. But, the O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop has been updated for modern mopping needs. It's capable of removing over 99% of bacteria with just water, according to the brand, making it safe to use on all flooring surfaces. The mop bucket features a hands-free wringer with a splash guard, and the microfiber string heads are machine washable so you can reuse them. 

We seriously love this effective steam mop, and it's currently 24% off. This 4.8-pound pocket steam mop has over 24,000 five-star ratings because users say it's capable of cleaning "disgusting kitchen floors" in mere seconds. Water heats up in just 30 seconds to emit a powerful on-demand steam with a 99.9% effective sanitation rate, according to the brand. The best part? Reusable microfiber cloths work in tandem with the steam feature to pick up even the smallest particles of dirt. 

This is a classic model capable of quick passes over crushed cheerios and tackling heavy-duty jobs, like months of pet hair left lingering in your carpet fibers. Three channels of suction lift and suck up dirt faster so you don't have to do multiple passes over the same mess. It easily adjusts from carpet to hardwood floors and includes a dusting tool, pet turbo tool, extension wand, and crevice tool to reach all those extra nooks and crannies. 

This cordless stick vacuum is 70% off for a limited-time only and transforms from an upright vacuum to a compact handheld device in minutes. It features a 550-watt brushless motor with three suction modes and a cyclone HEPA filter to pick up dirt and dust without leaving any odor behind. You can use the extendable handheld stick to vacuum in high places (think cleaner curtains) or detach it to quickly clean the interior of your car.

If you're looking for an effective, lightweight, handheld vacuum for a great price, almost 30,000 five-star ratings recommend this Black + Decker model. It allows you to remove dirt from hard-to-access places like top shelves and couch cushions. A wide mouth allows you to pick up more dirt as you go and the bagless dirt bowl collects 50% more than other models, per the brand, so you don't have to empty it out as you clean. 

You can get Alexa or your Google Assistant to make this robot vacuum clean your floors without lifting a finger, and it's 43% off right now. With two hours of runtime and an app that allows you to put this handy robot on a cleaning schedule, you'll save precious time and money. A multi-surface brush allows it to clean many different kinds of surfaces and ION robot senses prevent it from falling down a flight of stairs or getting stuck in lonely corners.